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When we let our minds rely on expectation rather than observation, we aren’t allowing ourselves to be truly present. Instead of anticipating things to come, marvel at what’s happening all around. Notice the clouds as they lazily drift by, changing in shape and volume. Notice the sky and how it transforms into different colors; vibrant blue, and pastel pink, and mango peel orange, and heavy grey, and thick black. Feel the wind whip through your hair and across your skin. Let the rain fall on your face, chin tilted up and mouth open, taste the raindrops upon your tongue. Feel the golden light of the sun as it blankets your body in warmth.


Allow your heart dance with love…and let your tears fall with pain. Be generous with your smile and offer your arms to someone who needs to be touched. The smallest gestures can often leave a greatest impact. Genuinely connect with people. Though we may look different from each other, speak different languages, worship different gods, live by different beliefs and standards, we are all humans and together we are navigating the same earth. We are linked to one another by our desire to have the best possible life we can live, yet create a disconnect  through our expectation that our hopes and dreams are intrinsically individual. In this vast galaxy we are all so tiny yet undeniably complex. Our thoughts, emotions, relationships, and physical beings are intricately laced together.


Create space and time to find quiet stillness. Observe what is happening…now.  In this moment witness the world around you and the love within your heart. As expectations of what may or may not ever be begin to fade, as compassion grows and connections strengthen, a peaceful presence will emerge. Let go of expectation. Observe, and let it go….