Perfectly PiYo for Summer Challenge

I am excited to host my first 30-60 day Perfectly PiYo for Summer Challenge beginning on July 7.  PiYo uses low-impact (no shoes!), high intensity movements inspired by pilates and yoga-asana, set to a fast pace to get the heart pumping and the calories burning. This revolutionary fitness style works to stabilize, strengthen, and stretch your physique, sculpting longer and leaner muscles. To keep the group personal and intimate I am only accepting 20 people into this challenge. Learn more about the challenge and reserve your spot by sending me a message, or you can click here to enroll now.


Chocolate covered blueberries (or cherries)

This is for all you chocolate lovers who want to treat yourself with guilt free morsels of goodness. I present to you my favorite sweet treat, chocolate covered blueberries. These are not your typical store bought, packed with preservatives, sugar-loaded blueberries. These delicious little nuggets burst will natural blueberry flavor and satisfy any chocolate cravings without inundating your taste buds with sweetness. You will be pleased to know that they have only 4 ingredients and no added sweeteners.

chocolate blueberries
Organic frozen blueberries (or cherries)
Organic coconut oil
Organic dark cocoa

***You can sweeten the chocolate with maple syrup or honey, but I find that the berries are a perfect natural sweetener***

Mix equal parts coconut oil and cocoa and add a healthy dash of cinnamon, stir until well mixed.
Pour blueberries into a bowl and drizzle a tsp of chocolate at a time over them, stirring constantly. The chocolate hardens almost immediately so stir as soon as you pour the chocolate. Keep drizzling and stirring until all of the berries are completely coated.

I usually make a small jar of the chocolate and keep it in the pantry for when I have a craving for these. Make sure not to store somewhere cold or it will harden.