The Superfood Solution


Often times we have a hard time seeing results to the hard work we’ve  physically put forth, because we are neglecting to nurture our relationship with the foods we allow to enter our bodies. Frustration builds when results for our physical goals are less than satisfactory, when weight loss isn’t happening, and/or inches are growing. It’s impossible to yield the results we want when we are constantly craving and eating foods we shouldn’t have or that our bodies don’t need. And of course the more we challenge ourselves physically, the hungrier we will become. I’ve found that the perfect solution to this problem is the plant based superfood, Shakeology. Myself and my clients love it for the following reasons:

    • Curbs cravings
    • Boost immunity
    • Regulates digestion and elimination cycles
    • Satiates-keeps you full long
    • Boosts energy
    • Helps to shed weight
    • Tastes delicious
    • Gluten free
    • Soy free
    • Vegan version is lactose/dairy free
    • 100% plant based


Additional Shakeology benefits and ingredients:

    • proprietary VEGAN super-protein blend (sacha inchi, chia, flax, amaranth, brown rice, and pea build lean muscles, improves skin and hair, and supports mental clarity while reducing cravings or enjoy the whey infused version (non-vegan)
    • propieatary superfruit/antioxidant blend of camu, acai, acerola cherry, bilberry, goji, green tea, pomegranate, rose hips, and luo han guo, proveds antioxidant support and promotes a healthy heart an optimal blood pressure
    • super-green/phyto-nutrient blend of moringa, chlorella, spirulina, spinach, barley grass, kamut grass, wheat grass and oat grass helps alkalize the body and promote detoxification of the liver, kidneys, and blood to restore health and vitality
    • adaptogen blend of ashwagandha, astragalus, cordyceps, ginkgo, maca, maitake, reishi, schisandra, and tulsi protect the body from stress, support the immune system, and balance the endocrine system
    • Prebiotic and probiotics/digestive enzyme blend made from yacon root, lactobacillus sporogenes, amylase, cellulase, lactase, lipase, protease, bromelain, and papain help to increse nutrient absorption, promote regularity, and improves digesiton


*recommended to order on HD.  It will ship monthly, however you can cancel ANYTIME by calling 1 (800) 470-7870

Ordering on HD will save you money each month on shipping



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